The Social Media Release is about getting the facts right The irony of being misunderstood by those people that just “won’t” get it

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Ah I presaged the joy of this debate a few posts back, and indeed a couple of weeks back on my work blog but it looks like people that have the ability to gather some attention ( Oh we’re very “the Island” in a Huxley sense over here) have weighed in with a more weighty assessment on what was my visceral reaction to being sold on being sold to. One of the proponents of the SMR Chris Heuer appears to be having an interesting time rebutting these including this interesting reference to something that derails the Cluetrain so many of the SM group seem to be waving their ticket stubs in the air to show we’re all on the same track, that we are, sadly I don’t think we’re going in the same direction though:)

as a result, here comes the pile-on, where all bloggers are going to attack the PR industry – without knowing all the facts, giving more credence to that stupid “Attack of the Bloggers” article from last year.

Is this saying that bloggers are the coolest when their interpretation dovetails with our purpose of communication but otherwise are just not playing fair? Maybe, just maybe we see through PR and the idea that we need these modern day shapers to translate from the ‘king boardroom to the buyer is soon to be lost in the mists of time?
Grendel…. supper’s ready.

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