Who says Commies are not cool? Can we has nootralty?

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Here is an interesting problem with podcasting, and many other forms of social media.  One might almost call it a beggar’s banquet when you consider that we’re a very large party with millions of people who’ve all chipped in their contributions yet somehow the waiters are not getting a tip.Even worse than that the bill is short.

Bandwidth is “expensive” roughly $90 a terabyte give or take a few bucks depending on how large a user of it that you are .There aren’t many services that for a nominal fee will allow you to consume “infinite” resources hedged against the vast majority off their users using a minimal amount but that’s where the net has ended up ( at least the marketing of it has done so)

Ergo it should be obvious that the vast majority are subsidizing the top of the pyramid yet by an “amazing”  coincidence those are the ones  agitating for such noble and egalitarian causes such as net neutrality you know that’s were the evil corporations limit access based on the idea that if they do not recuperate the cost of providing the service then that service and indeed the company will no longer exist.

Which is a victory for whom exactly?

Nearly every business has already built in the costs associated with the percentage of bad customers, internal theft and things that just go wrong but somehow that’s meant to fall to the whims of people that are basically saying give me a free  pass or we won’t give you business ( I’d agree to that)   sadly they are saying give us a free pass or we’ll force you to do so… lovely.

I have never been a fan of the term net neutrality and feel that it’s all too often used to obfuscate the issues that occur at carrier or network level where the network owners prevent rival services from even connecting or being allowed to exist against the terms and conditions that they wish to sell their access on

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