We’re nearly there. Reivers of Reality is about to be launched.

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We’ve talked about it,  threatened it  and I’ve been living with the peer embarrassment of assisting many people get their podcasts up and running  yet not having a regular outlet of my own.

The good news is Creddy is now interested in following through with a  2-3 times a week < 20  min show  “Reivers of reality”  which is not a misspelling and a deliberately  arcane choice.   Reivers are  from the area of the Scottish borders from which I originate and are raiders, pirates, rustlers and a few other   less savory behaviors which I assure you we don’t partake in.    Why now?     Basically there’s not enough exposure for our world view. Even in  groups that are meant to  have a reality  based outlook the ability to  go of gods in the  form of the State and the man upstairs seems to be sorely lacking.     Oh and we need friends too as well as stocking up on the enemies list.  🙂

So expect a few shaky weeks until we get used to this …

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