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 This is an argument I usually lose and most because the other side wishes to resort to violence.  I wish I had the insight to tie my experience with how the Scots act based on their institutions and beliefs  versus what I understand the American ones to be since  I don’t fit into either of them. 

 Sure there are quite a few touching points but  I’m arguably able to cope in both societies and have been fortunate enough to  secure work  , mostly interesting work, since I was  16, remain solvent and have evaded the law for any but the minor transgressions, that are impossible to avoid.

Yet I hold views contrary to the masses of both countries re their national myths of identity and character and where that intersects with reality. Does beating up the English and burning their holiday homes doesn’t make you more Scottish , or does it but in an entirely different light? Same way with the Americans who appear to be fixated by freedom won by the restriction of others and does that make you more American?  Seemingly yes. 

Which reminds me there’s a  radio show in Phoenix called “Ridin Dirty” on KFNX which today advocated ignition interlocks for all cars as a solution to  DUI,  not as a joke  but as a default behavior of all new cars.  It’s an interesting idea but  socializing the cost of this crime makes as much sense as a tax on kitchen knives to pay for domestic violence … then again how many taxes really make sense?
Why not have cars locked to speed by their location as reported by a mandatory onstar gps?  Disable cars  when their insurance runs out,  when the reg tag expires or hell  only allow you to drive between home and the DMV when your papers aren’t in order.  All are readily done with today’s tech.. do we want to?     How about health plans that give you a credit card hooked up to your real time vitals?  Sorry today the card doesn’t work at BK but..  you can  get a Sub, no cheese 6″ max.  Sweet tooth replaced by  a blue one. There’s no end to this “freedom” 

The freedom to laugh is about the best I can do.

Anytime you tell me the people are too stupid to manage their own affairs I have to sadly agree with you.   My solution is to leave them alone. Yours is to rely on those same people to tell us what to do. 

 And I’m the crazy one?  


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