That’s the one thing I love about the holiday season. Loads of Parties were people just can’t take “don’t go there” for an answer

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I am kind lucky that I fell through the idea that libertarianism , as practiced by most of the people I’ve met here is going to advance us anywhere, soon, ever.

Now I can’t make such an unsupported statement ( ok I can but.. ) Stefan Molyneux , another great reason to embrace new media, takes a look at the demands that libertarians make from the rest of the world and what they will offer the rest of the world in return. It’s quite enlightening. While many of his techniques if followed through to their logical conclusion will save you a fortune on xmas cards ,being that you will have no friends left, they are rather interesting. So if you think that another person can give you freedom then you may as well vote for , well anyone really it doesn’t matter. Now I’m off to read
Freedomain Radio – Videos

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