Obeying the law can be fun, and work wonders. best civil disobediance ,ever?

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Once more here are some links to a UK comedian, and activist, Mark Thomas.

  I brought him up last year in this post and holy  hell this is the follow up. The original audio feed has gone but there’s a You Tube version  Part 1,2 and 3  follow. I promise this is worth your time.   This is the realization of what “Tv Nation” could only dream of  on their most lucid day. 


Part 2  and Part 3 .

 Demonstrations  in the UK near Parliement without  prior permission was made illegal.  One person constituted a demonstration if there was , at the policeman’s disgression,  a  political statement.   Meanwhile the agents of the state continued holding events with out requiring, or being in fear which is where  http://www.shopanmp.com/  came about.   Looks like the the law’s repealed  so his involvement seems to have had an effect.  Please give the first ten minutes  your consideration  and think about the fun you can have obeying the law.     Butler Shaffer relates a few suggestions from one of his recent articles.

Many cities have ordinances making it a misdemeanor for a homeowner to fail to cut his/her grass before it reaches a stated limit on height. Someone told me of an acquaintance who let his grass grow almost to the maximum height allowed. When one of his neighbors commented on this, the property owner went into his house, brought out a yardstick to measure the grass, then commented that the grass still had two inches to grow before reaching the statutorily-defined limit. He then reportedly asked the neighbor “you don’t want me to violate the ordinance, do you?”

A friend of mine told me of the practice of one of her male friends who was subject to the Selective Service System. One of the mandates of this agency was that those subject to conscription had to keep it advised of any relocations. This young man carried a stack of pre-addressed post-cards, upon which he would write: “I am now at the Rialto Theater at 3rd and Main” and drop it in a mailbox. After leaving the theater, he would send another post-card reading: “I am now at the Bar-B-Q Rib House at 10th and Oak.” 

Come on let’s be the bestest , most compliantest ,  citizens ever:D

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