Wendy’s : The bitch wants her change back too? Toddler copies it.

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We must go looking  for this treatment.  I think our expectations on how one should be treated at a fast food drive in has been spoiled by the  two local McD’s  staff there seem  happier than  BK and Wendies and the night shifts at Jack in the Box  are downright scary 🙂   Yet until tonight no one had called Erin, least to her face,   a bitch.  Her crime?  Expecting that her order and change would be correct.

Here’s the run down


(602) 548-1966

Order kids meal , cheeseburger nothing on it,   They have no choc milk,  no orange juice for option for
kids and  didn’t understand the concept of root beer thinking Mr Pibb qualifies as such.

paid  1st window, asked for receipt
said  do it next window
wrong order with receipt for chicken nuggets.
Had to wait for them to  recognise she was still at window
came back  with order correct, waited another  45 secs while they realised she’s waiting.
Erin asked , where’s the change   for correct order.
They then said you paid  for nuggets  , not a burger,  eg,  not recognizing that was the point.
woman heard   through window, never saw her said “the bitch wants her change too”
our  toddler heard this, and said bitch after it.

Called  JMJ the  franchise owners, closed. SO called  1800 829 3639 Corp relayed story.

There you have it.   They  fuck up an order,  argue about it, don’t follow their own guidelines on receipts and then  call you a bitch.  I am so looking forward to my chat with their  franchise owner:)

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