Penn and Teller. by looking for what you are missing , you may find that your missing even more.

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Erin with Teller. ( I love his voice, his writing’s rather good too)

I’ve been a fan of Penn and Teller since being exposed to them in the mid 80’s and one of the life goals, as far as I have plans, was to see them perform live. That’s another collective 40 years experience up on stage and if they were great in the 80’s they are now fucking amazing. During the intervening time I didn’t turn out to be an atheist as I always was one, as are all newborns it’s only the prevailing culture that tells a three year old that he’s a Christian child and sadly he’s doomed to burn in hell unless he thanks the zombie jew for his gift of ever lasting life, feeling sick yet?

There’s enough material on who Penn and Teller what they believe in and their reputation as the bad boys of magic when most of the mainstream ,magically speaking, were just bad. Note I said mainstream since there are amazing entertainers such as Jamy Ian Swiss, Jerry Sadowitz and Tom Mullica ( Well he makes me laugh)

I kinda have to mention the Pendragons as the other act I’d love to see live and not just because she’s hot. She’s hot and they’re talented.

That’s not telling you much about P an T though but I wanted to let you know I am predisposed to magic as an art form and non belief as a science.

The show is 80 minutes long and costs about $1 a minute , that may sound high but think about how long it takes to swallow a $5 beer, not that high now is it?

What you get is not just entertainment but some amazingly open lessons on just how fallible we are when we’re paying attention to that which others wish us to look at. Their usage of a video camera in one piece had an audience member focusing on the close up magic for the big screen while they are missing the large changes going on around them all while they pull a meta magical moment by pulling the same trick on the audience. That’s a big lesson people think they can spot the obvious but study after study has shown that a preoccupied brain misses the elephant, or bear, in the room. It’s hilarious until you take it out side of the theater and realize that it’s our default view. Just try to see the person in front of you when looking through a 2000 year old lens.

Secondly, and still on the topic of invisible friends, the attack on psychics ( as Penn says fake psychic is a redundant term) in a manner that’s far more humane than I have been able to come up with. E.g. the believer isn’t stupid, just that they made a mistake in choosing to believe an evil human. I don’t think that works, works for people with the belief but isn’t that a regressive statement to the point were the person starting the religion is the only evil one out there:)

They still have some pg13 moments, include art ( Fire eating is , well not a trick it’s exactly as described) and the bullet trick , the way they do it, continues to amaze.

I love seeing the transparent cup and balls and Teller’s pet red ball which I am failing to recall the name of, regardless, it’s a thing of beauty. Toss in the flag burning , or is it, the live music and their willingness to sign and meet with the audience afterward this was for once, a nice birthday outing. That they expose themselves to idiots like me that try not to go cotton mouth / blurt or ask silly questions plus sign my metal bill of rights is too classy for word. Actually my question is a good one but likely not a fair one to ask and will be the subject of another post.

Bought Penn’s book, Sock, so look out for a review on that.

by Penn Jillette

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