Must have only be physical harm that angels protect against because that’s a lot of nutty people.

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Half the people  you meet not  only believe in angels but claim to have actually experienced their influence.  Nope this is not from a country that burns witches ( I can’t say yet,  maybe  at this time is safer)  or riots because they  believe their football game were cursed but  from the USA #1  in debt since , well let’s not confuse a stupid population with the current financial crisis ;), since it was worked out that you can do just about anything here and then pull out an angel to justify your actions.

By now you’ve guessed that we’re not talking about Curtis and his gang but the kind of bright light, flappy flappy harp playing  goody two shoes types that  schlep around carrying messages from the “Almighty”  , whose omni presence  doesn’t stretch to a decent two way communication system  with his creation apparently, and  seemingly  are there to give you   a push , a warning  or whatever help you may need to stay out of harms way.   Here’s a fun story I like to relate about a marketing manager at a prior company ( a few back) that crashed her car on the way back to the office after lunch.

Her eyes were closed while driving . There wasn’t a foreign object in there, not squinting from the sun   or   taken by a sudden bout of narcolepsy but..  they were closed because she was praying.    Guess what ? She felt lucky that she was praying as the accident could have been so much worse OTHERWISE!  55%    Adults , Voters, Drivers, EEP!

Guardian Angels Are Here, Say Most Americans – TIME

In a poll of 1700 respondents, 55% answered affirmatively to the statement, “I was protected from harm by a guardian angel.”

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