The poop: The last two days

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Beavis and Butthead   are often underestimated in terms of being a fountain  wisdom but   since the subject of this post involves, poops,pukes and other toilet related humor  their inclusion is quite appropriate.

How else will most of you have heard about the god that I angered and the terrible revenge  suffered at his hands?  I’m talking about Sterculious the god of manure , or as you city folks like to call it. Shit.     Back to Thursday.  I ate lunch at work and  about 20 minutes later felt the need to lie down under the desk,  not the most useful job saving strategy I know but   it’s better than redecorating  3 monitors.  After that wave passed wandered to bathroom where  part 1   of the hurling started.  Left for home. Got in door and then for the next hew hours the curious dance of not knowing which end should be pointed at the toilet began.   It’s at this point I think I pissed off Sterculious.  The day prior Dobhran had decided that flushing the  middle of the toilet roll holder would be a hoot. I decided to let it go that night and see what would happen.

Shit happens.

The next days load totally jammed up the works, so  now I am ill,  violently on both ends and the  once source of happiness  is taken out from under me.   Had to fix it in my weakened state the last thing one needs is to  revisit  day old , steeped and happily fermenting, puke.  Could not remove the obstruction it’s  totally stuck , inaccessible from the top, and on the bottom it can’t make it round the last bend.   Toilet was not cheap and I will be trying to save it later.  So I pulled a spare toilet from the garage, what doesn’t everyone have one?  and we’re back to being functional   but ugly.

It’s Erin and my anniversary today too which  kinda went down the drain.

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