Even the good villains get lucky sometime: Eric Doyle aka David Lawrence

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I have been  pretty good  in my  reduction of TV over the past two years but then again I always was more in love with the radio. That’s were I first came across David Lawrence, whom I’ve previously said some very nice things about. There’s no need to change that here. What  I am happy about is that  I get to be some kinda human,  how so?   Well there’s always these nagging doubts that schadenfreude was  an inescapable part of my make up since I really do find other people’s  misfortune, specially when it’s   heading towards  Greek tragedy , amusing.   If there’s a church bus and cliff involved  I’m set for the day,  the driver swerved to avoid a tortilla   with the Image of Mary and you may have to medicate me down:)  So it’s  gratifying to see that  three people that I know well enough to have  lunch with, occasionally see working ,are doing so well for themselves based on 


 working  at what they love, yeah that  old cliché:) . More important though I think about the only sane  advice that I regularly hear within new media  is nicely laid out here.  The source ,  someone else I admire,  seems to have the same qualities  which kinda hit me between the  “what the hell am I doing and when will I wake up” eyes:)   Anyway  writing more won’t help,  just  watch. 

From Tim Street

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