‘Religulous’ and the expected Spanish Inquisition

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If you had asked me to write down 3 main criticism’s of Bill Maher’s movie, Religulous,  that would be  brought  up in negative reviews    number one on my list would be

“Well you’re atheism is  just a religion  anyway ” 

I get that one often. The need to drag people to their level    is one of the ideas that Bill O Reilly  espouses , you can’t justify bad action by pointing out another’s bad  to make your point . I didn’t say  O’ Reilly manages to walk that walk but  it’s an ideal, kinda like the Christ myth on which the followers of both = Major Fail.  Most negative reviews  reference this sentiment and here’s an example From Glen Whipp at LA.com which neatly encapsulates the form of dementia.

“…thought is absent in “Religulous,” as is imagination. The movie is Maher’s monument to Maher, as ugly and hateful as anything he decries in the film.

Yep  Bill Maher is the equivalent of crusaders,  suicide bombers and those that rape children.  Sounds like a psychotic* idea. A movie about ideas, EVEN , if you believe it to be a bad movie is not as hateful  as the wanton destruction of sentient beings by blowing up families in a market because  you’re invisible friend tells you too? 

I call bullshit because this guy is  as deserving of the phrase “and then there’s this asshole”  as anyone claiming to be a critic.

Movies Maher ridiculous in ‘Religulous’


*the term is also used in a more general sense to refer to mental disorders in which mental functioning is sufficiently impaired as to interfere grossly with the patients capacity to meet the ordinary demands of life.

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