Bring out yer dead. Mary Roach tries to Spook us!

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This is a fluffier book than Bonk or Stiff both grounded in a reality that’s going to be a lot harder to nail in a book about research into the afterlife.

Amongst other things Roach takes a look at ectoplasm, EVP that’s the people that listen to noise and claim to hear things, past lives,attends a class in the UK on how to be a medium. She also looks at the science of testing “psychics” like DuBois and other cold readers that are cynical ,delusional or both ( my bias). That blunt an answer is something this book isn’t going to provide for you but it’s probably a good thing that she’s not attempting to do that.

She’s a very entertaining writer,her footnotes amusing,and there’s real science to follow up on. I just didn’t learn as much as her prior works since it’s hard to accumulate a body of evidence for life after death when all we have is evidence of bodies.


  1. abilardNo Gravatar says:

    Eris and the Spirits of WooWoo did not want you to learn. You have sinned by leading an orderly life and I shall now defy your reality by leaving off this period

  2. HaltseNo Gravatar says:

    Eris is alive and well and living on Wall ST. Though I hear she keeps a summer home in Gaza.

    The only missed periods I care about are those that end up having social security numbers:) On the happy news front Mary Roach will be reading/ signing in Tempe soon:)

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