Me Me MEme it’s all about me! That’s maybe what the social engineers want you to think.

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The porn-star name meme cometh.

That people like to help people and will give out all kinds of information that they shouldn’t is fairly well established. What’s not so well established, at least by the common usage of marketing and SMD types is the term “viral meme” which has been denigrated to include just about any tell a friend promotion or user generated content that’s been slapped together.

For once the term viral meme may be appropriate in the case of the porn star name meme that’s going the rounds on Twitter.

Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam – PC World

It could be simple human error, but it’s also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social engineering.

In short people are being asked to provide  biographical data such as the name of the street they grew up on,your mother’s maiden name, place of birth or your favorite pet for the grand payoff of concatenating your porn star name for you to post proudly to Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you think this ephemera will soon be forgotten. Except that it wont be.

A virus, ( let’s leave Mimi out of this for now) can’t reproduce itself and to survive it transmits it’s message  using the resources of the host cell or in this case the message that wraps it up.   Seriously would you just send that out onto the web if you had no payoff? 

Memes are ideas, concepts, beliefs and thoughts that are transmitted verbally or by repeated action and can move through a ‘culture’ in a manner similar to a virus.

Do you see why most items masquerading as “viral marketing” are bullshit?  You know what the marketer wants and are often better able to identify it than they are:) That’s not viral it’s an ugly bug that needs to be squashed once and for all.

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