We’re so cool we’ll tell you how to use your voice. That is if you can even hear ours.

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The etymology of the word expert is strangely prescient when applied to the world of social media. It’s older than the advent of recording, microphones and video cameras. Yet I get the feeling that most of the experts are really more old school than they let on. So old that a rock, a mount and a sermon could be forthcoming.

Attempting to watch presentations live this weekend was the usual frustration of  presenter,unmiked,using a fixed microphone on the desk in the room.

The presenter’s moved and talked with people off screen and to the side that we couldn’t hear and after a few minutes in each case couldn’t follow.

If that’s not bad enough the presentations were on how to use technology to advance your cause, business or ego.

There’s a reason radio studios don’t place the mike 5 – 10 feet away from the host and allow them to walk around the studio. There oughta be a law?

  There is.

And I think I’ll use the kind of technology espoused,least I think it was, to bludgeon my point a bit further.

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