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Updated for DEC 2015

Biggest changes in past two years.  Took a year ,plus off to watch daughter grow up,   bought a franchise which turned out to be bad timing re illness ,family matters ,etc so I ended up  going back to work, this time for  P.F. Chang’s / Pei Wei which  makes Asian-inspired food. It was nice to work for a company that most people don’t hate: Same kind of work Software Quality assurance but alas my position, along with several others, was ( redacted- )

Having just made contact again with the folks back home in the UK as they come on line with Facebook et all and find that I am still alive, still haven’t changed my name  to , well they don’t even know me as, haltse it’s been obvious that I needed an update post on the things that are interesting in the USA that haven’t made it over to the UK. There are people that are into Zombies that actually don’t know who Jonathan Coulton is,  I know, mind blown. :)

So here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to since leaving Scotland back in 1997.

Moved to GA  70 mile NW of Atlanta   worked for 2 seasons at tax software co helping cheap people achieve things with hardware that was pushing obsolescence into itself , seriously I edited modem strings, printer files and more CLI DOS work than ever should be attempted with members of the public.

After GA moved to CA  on the eve of the millennium. Took 4 days to move.People in the UK , sorry it’s not a long way down to the chip chop, that’s peanuts to America:)

Yep everyone has been there and I don’t mean on vacation. Not to give it away but Californication was a nice couple of years working for a dot com that turned  b2c b2b  and b2b2c so quickly that it had to fail. Actually,it didn’t fail , people were paid, had jobs for a couple of years and had a lot of fun with nice people while doing it.

Became permanent resident,Marriage failed,  company above was bought by AOL  and I moved to Arizona where I managed to lose the friend I came here to be near ( I’m good at this it’s a motif for my life apparently )

Started working for  and lasted 11 years. Started as privately owned, which I liked, ok I only like it if I like the owner which in this case is a good match but  GD was sold to venture capitalists that changed the nature of the Co, and it was time to go. There’s little chance I could have achieved as much in the UK than I have here because,well to be blunt, it’s not a  wait till Friday to get  drunk and take Monday off kinda culture. ( not true, probably 1/3 of it is:) )

Met my wifelette, Erin,    spawned a Dobhran, and a Hatch, he’ll be Ten  in September 2015 and Hatch, our daughter,joined us July 2012.  We’ll be 9  or 10  cos I never get the anniversary right. :)

All the links to my photo sites, blogs and the like can be found through the sidebar but  just in case.

Besides I’m  haltse everywhere that matters:)

That’s the precis.   And  just about all of it is contained somewhere in the posts to this blog.

New likes.

Ice Hockey. I’ve finally found a team sport that I appreciate,or did till I realized how shitty the customer service aspect was.  I still watch it but won’t pay to see the Phoenix Coyotes after they shafted us on playoff tickets.  I still like  watching tennis ( mainly the women’s:) ) US tv sucks for motorsport without chasing it down and paying for it. As such not really followed F1 or WSB for  a while.

Watches.    Mechanical,  limited  and free of marketing bullshit please. Ochs and Jnr   as well as F P Journe   are closest to where I want to be but for daily use it’s hard to beat Sinn.

Hawaii (  only been once, not enough)

Really good food.  Thai Food, Mediterranean food, slow food and I’ve upped my  heat capacity to stupid levels. is my best friend:)  How bad is it?  Well I collect hot sauces now.

Really good cooking ( I do some things well, Erin does way more things well but )

Ghost in the Shell.  I want me some cyberisation:)

Photography ( again )

Maintain an interest in things deathy, 

Archery ( beginner)  Traditional bow.

Media, way too much. some highlights   a singer/songwriter that’s so good that I  donated monthly to  help pay for the recording of  the new album which is something I encourage everyone that cares about any form of art to do. seen him so many times live and it’s never gotten old,  his band kicks ass too. ,  ,www.freezepop.com  white stripes and I started really liking the Proclaimers and  some weird   Added Amy Macdonald,  found out that as much as I disliked Eminem first time around I realized it was more the people into him that I didn’t like at the time, Regina Spektor, Lindsay Stirling and Halestorm.

R K Morgan : Sci-fi  Altered carbon especially.

Daniel Keys Moran’s  Continuing time series

William Gibson ,   which I missed when I should have read it.

Neal Stephenson , particularly Snowcrash.

Robert Rankin.

G R R Martin  Game of Thrones series  (patiently waiting)

Grant Morrison ( Invisibles, The Filth and countless DC reinventions. )

Orson Scott Card’s  Ender series.

Heinlein,  yeah I was late to that party but am now in attendance:)

So much non-fiction that it hurts.   Omnivore’s dilemma was good and am currently reading  Life, Inc.

Seriously recommend  Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner and
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

Still Likes.

motorbikes,firearms , tori, but not live too many shitty  experiences with bad venues. NIN, red headed women, Fish, Dick Dale , black pudding , cider  and things that are sharp or light up:)

Things that are meh:)

No more buffets,  fast food is the last choice , always. healthcare  in the US, they can’t think their way out of a problem.  Insurance is the wrong word, they don’t stop to think why an item is expensive , just that they should be able to afford it.


More in a bit:)

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