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If you harbor statist views or communicate with imaginary friends you’re likely in the wrong place.   If those aforementioned views take the form of.  “There oughta be a law and that law should  be Gods” then  I’m just not qualified to practice therapy at that level. 

Basically I am  rarely  pro anything.   My outlook is  libertarian but  don’t confuse that with the political party as I do not believe that  voting leads to freedom ,quite the reverse.  Democracy is a mob with slightly better record keeping.

I’m interested in:

  •  user generated media and the effect on mainstream.
  • why people don’t want to be the author of their own lives preferring instead a walk on parts with benefits.
  • otters
  • freedom
  • motorcycles
  • firearms
  • technology  and it’s interface with man
  •  Nearly everything else:)

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