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T.A.N.S.T.A.A.G.L. There ain’t no such thing as a ghostpepper lunch .

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This week I’ve been Jacked around by blazin chicken and  friend-zoned by Wendy ghost pepper fries.  You could be mistaken, or a bloody-fool,  in thinking that you’re about to get a rush of heat that comes close to a vindaloo or Thai-hot curry.  I continue to live in hope though it appears heat is the new bacon of the fast-food world and is more a marketing niche than an attempt to placate the hotheads amongst us.

There is an upside though. A nation full of people that  think they have experienced the heat of a ghost pepper have yet to experience  the heat of a ghost pepper:) So this Christmas season I suggest you rustle up something truly memorable for them out of the most there’s so many of them but I’ve always had great service from Extreme Foods and   most years I get this Box of heat which  is a random selection of their products and probably will melt their faces, rear-ends and driveways 🙂

Time to come back

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I have never been a good writer,  so much so that prior co-workers/ forum participants have labelled my writing , and indeed my speaking style as a kind of ” haltsese”. I fear that’s never going to change , I have more books on grammar than , well let’s be honest most people don’t seem to have books on anything,let alone grammar, but I fear I fall into the same category as Otto from A fish called Wanda…

Yes they do, Otto. They just don’t understand it.

New interests, new job, same old bullshit:)

Element Follow up

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We’re pretty much up shit creek with the Element. The insurance co had no real interest in pursuing our claim and have labelled it 100% our fault. They can 100% get bent and I will not be renewing with them after two crappy experiences with Allstate.House insurance was good but the Auto section were perfunctory didn’t remotely give the idea that we’re not considered to blame and while I don’t mind them thinking it, try not to let us know, k?

So we have a report from the codes saying the AVS / ABS failed to connect but they said it was post crash, we say bs it’s pre , and the cause. All I think we can do is wait for more people to suffer this and then join in the bashing.

As I have said this was the second Honda certified car we had that wasn’t deserving of the title. Honda were ZERO help. They really don’t care about how the owner views them and that’s the last car from them , the last motorbike from them and the last product that contains one of their engines. So they don’t care they know they lost a customer already so why invest in keeping us happy ?

My New blog. A Time to Win me.

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Do you like to watch? Er I mean a watch?

I’m on a mission to make wrists more interesting by aggregating  watch contests and giveaways.  E.G., the prize is either a watch, a watch related accessory or is being given away by a Watch brand.

Here you go 

If you could be so kind as to Like our Facebook  page, follow our tweets and best of all enter the contests.

Happy Squeaks an Otterpup in Japan.

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This is the voice of the otter   cuteness alert from Japan 

A whole otter love | Video |

Next to security theater the next thing I detest is Auto purchase theater. Our attempt to buy a motorcycle at Town and Country Motorsports.

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This isn’t car purchase theater but it involves wheels and salespeople so it’s about the same thing.  Erin’s convinced that the way to save money on her commute is to acquire a motorcycle and reap the lovely lovely  rewards of 50mpg returns for the gas dollar.  It’s also massively hot outside and for some reason she wants to be a speedy baked potato.   So that being said let’s look at the bikes that fit her and he short inside seam.

Suzuki Sv650, Katana, GS500  and Kawasaki’s 650 ninja ( just ask it) and everything else  would need  a drop kit or surgery for her to work.  So  we kinda have a limited range of choice and these are mostly good sensible choices.  The Gs500 is a little too sedate and  it’s   the kind of woman you’d sleep with if none of your friends found out.   In the end the SV has the best features/ price mix and we found one at  Town & Country Motorsports on Arizona Ave in Chandler. Last years model discounted $1700 and  all in all it was worth having a discussion on whether we buy it or not. ( I want to ride it too and my last bike was in the same class and a boat load  of fun)   We went to lunch, called the dealer and this is where it started to go downhill.  Wouldn’t give a price over the phone which to me is just odd.  “Hey I want to bring a cashiers check / cash to buy a bike  how much?” Sorry   can’t tell us..  unless we go back..

We went back.  The out the door price on the bike priced at $4499 on the floor was $6150  which included the usual doc fee poop  delivery and then setup fee.  Too high, so buying theater starts.  They want to see that I have a credit card so they can show it to their boss to show we’re into buying the bike.. HA fucking HA  Sorry I called them on mind games, referenced a book on the subject and suggested that we forgo the bullshit and  give an answer to our offer.  Well the offer we made was +$100 for home delivery  ( we’re both sitting our licenses in July , in the heat because  you can add Scots and wherever the fuck Erin’s from  to the list of things out in the midday sun.)  Offer came back as accepted as the price that had delivery included   to one, that didn’t and I think we had to clarify that that point with them. At this time   the game was over,  and the salesguy told that for the sake of $100 they’d lost the sale and that we’re leaving.  Erin rather enjoyed the look on his face because I’ve  just fucking had it with people that can’t deal honestly with me.  By all means tell us that it’s not reasonable offer and  either sell us something else or part on good terms , we may be back to buy something larger, faster more expensive:D  Idiots. 

But no , somehow the idea that  I can’t find out what the price is , nor the finance options or sample figures for  payments/time of loan is piss poor customer service and I can only surmise that bike shops are not hurting for sales. 

The religion of peace meets protection by the state.. One can only guess at the results

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Seemingly the special units are needed because the average day to day policeman in the UK  has no interest in upholding their oath, boy do I know that feeling:)   These fucks need to either get out of the 15thC  or come up with their own version of the Springer show to resolve these matters.

Special units to crack down on honour killing | Society |

The changes come after Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Kurd, was murdered by her father and uncle because they disapproved of her boyfriend who was not a strict Muslim and was not of their tribe.

She was found dumped in a suitcase, with the shoelace used to kill her around her neck. She had repeatedly told police her family were trying to kill her. In one instance where she had escaped from her father, she was not taken seriously, and described as melodramatic and manipulative by an officer who interviewed her.

Water .. water everywhere? and not a brain to think. More TSA Bullshit for daring to fly while parent

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On the whole people still are incredulous that I have a problem flying with the little one,

Update As usual all is not what it seems and here’s a post from Bruce Scneier’s blog with the “rest of the story…” I’m still not on the TSA’s side since most cases of BS only occur after a situation is created by “security theater” and ultimately a defense of “oh now look what you made us do” isn’t going to fly, much like anyone that has the nerve to challenge their “public” servants. In otherwords they can both be jerks:D

The incident started when Monica, who left the Secret Service to raise a family, was stopped while going through airport security because there was water in her son’s sippy cup. The sippy cup was seized by TSA. Monica wanted the cup back because the sippy cup was the only way her son would drink — and it was a long flight between Washington, DC and Reno, Nevada where she was going for a family reunion. If you’ve ever had a toddler you understand about sippy cups.

The good news is crap like this keeps happening and may lead to something really interesting in the future.These TSA people are community members too, I mean they have power in one little area of the world but hey there’s nothing that says we need to interact with them at any other time:) You know fix their cars, repair their house make really nice food:) More people have been terrorised , and if you don’t think that a threat to being tossed in jail and having your kid removed isn’t terrorism you have problems I can’t address presently, by these “experts” that have next to no accountability and yet 200 people will stand idly by and watch this abuse just grateful it’s not them.. Shit film this turn it into black and white and you could use this as a propaganda film against the enemy.. amazing what can go wrong in sixty years.. amazing.

Hell’s Kitchen A lovely protected class free workplace . We need one of these shows for coders.

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Ah, I found a TV show that  could be classified reality that I enjoy on many levels.  Once is  seeing what happens when  self esteem hits realization that feeling good about yourself  doesn’t get a meal anywhere.  Having seen a lot of Gordon Ramsey and trying out quite a few of his recipes,with good success,  I let Fox be my distraction for a couple of hours. 

FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell’s Kitchen

In other news.   Motorcycle shops in Phoenix are  possibly the shittiest customer service experience going.   Only one of the shops we went to took the time  to talk to us the others  didn’t answer questions,  or approach us and  while Erin has theories re our attire  being “not serious” enough for bike shopping  I can’t get over  the Hyosung  dealer on Cave Creek road in Phoenix  wandering off to help another person, then another and not replying to questions re the offer on the site ( which doesn’t work in Firefox) for a $4200 model  which they were so so keen to  go look up.. not!   Shit we drove to the store , asked about a specific model / deal  you think.. DO YOU THINK   that maybe we’d be interested in buying the  fucking thing?  Well not from those guys.    The more of this shit I encounter the less I think that there’s such a thing as excellent customer service in any non ultra specialized area  it’s just that  adequate cs is getting so rare that what should be the norm..  isn’t.

Boo hoo cry me a river Abusive lenders upset at other abusive lenders (One’s the government, the other regulated by…

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Having seen to much BS re how the DOE handles people with student loan issues, allows them to be sold , and resold and  so on  , often adding about  $1500 in transfer fees  I  find it hard to believe that private companies are any worse than the state sanctioned  “abuse” that goes on.  Guess who the state uses to chase up the delinquencies on their safe happy loans? 

Of course it makes for better citizens if you have so much debt that escape from mainstream  cube or office decay looks impossible , you may need the state to save you from ..well you’re the state;) yourself.   You don’t need a degree and $50k in debt to work that one out.

NY official: Private college loans marked by abuses –

Rampant abuses by lenders have followed a boom in higher-priced college loans not guaranteed by the government, and lax federal oversight has made the situation worse, New York’s attorney general said Wednesday.

Seemingly you can copyright a building. Church of England’s holier than thou- bs

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Fun story,  C of E has decided that suing Sony over depicting the only real thing the Churches have in an unrealistic way..  Irony?

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Manchester | Cathedral row over video war game

“Resistance: Fall of Man is a fantasy science fiction game and is not based on reality.

Please not to be shooting in the home of the little baby Jesus, K thx 


24 24 hours a day I wanna be infected MS catches a cold with Live Onecare

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Looks like this thing couldn’t catch a cold in the artic while wearing a wet woolen bra and an icicle dildo…

Microsoft OneCare Bombs Out In Antivirus Test – WinPlanet Windows Software Reviews

Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare antivirus software came in dead last in an evaluation of 17 antivirus programs in the AV Comparatives Web site’s bi-annual software roundup. It runs its on-demand tests every February and August to test how well antivirus software detects known threats.

Why CNN ,and others of their ilk, Suck. This isn’t reporting it’s editorial Immigration bill

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Frustrating to think that it’s not just an accident but a very deliberate attempt

Immigration bill fails key test, is withdrawn –

The legislation, which had been endorsed by President Bush, would tighten borders, institute a new system to prevent employers from hiring undocumented workers and give as many as 12 million illegal immigrants a pathway to legal status.

The legislation would not have done that, it’s a claim  by those supporting amnesty and not one that CNN , or the AP, should be making in a non editorial section. The bill had many switchback clauses which upfront provided for all the headline grabbing of strong enforcement , compassion and  make us safer etc which  a few pages later were rescinded. The background checks, the one that took me a trip to get  fingerprinted 80 miles away, then had to go back since they didn’t get it right plus the time for FBI checks etc now would have to take place in 24 hours OR they get a pass. Insane. 

Sexy Losers “my” new Parking lot is full.

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This is a site I am so glad I found at home it’s NSFW but  its’ the best combination of  sex and death  with   black  humor  that’s wandered by my screens.

Life Sucks


#245 – The Thin HBO


To win a gold medal in wasting other people’s money it helps to be the State.

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  400k for a logo  that lamer than lame duck Prime Minister Tony Blair opined that  this would lead to  “raised hopes that the symbol would leave people “inspired to make a positive change in their life””  Symbols are for the symbol minded ( thanks George C)    So for 400k ( near 800k US) this must be ONE hell of a logo…   let’s take a peek.


Bosses of the 2012 Olympics were plunged into a fresh row last night after spending £400,000 on a controversial new logo for the London Games..



A logo that one poster to Samizdata has related to Lisa Simpson performing, well  this is a family blog;)  

Olympic chiefs under fire for ‘puerile’ logo | Uk News | News | Telegraph