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Taking your four year old to a purity ball? Why bother you’re more fucked up then Freud at this stage

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Daddy you can let go now…..

At a recent Father-Daughter Purity Ball, the girls ranged from college
age to a tiny 4-year-old dressed in purple who climbed into her
father’s arms to be carried

I wonder if they take a toddler to AA too? These people , these people that define innocence yet take their fucking 4 year old ( is there irony in there folks? ) to events like this. I am nowhere near taking Dobh, or myself , to a fetish ball in the near future but maybe I need to take a play from my ‘moral superiors’.

I can only hope that they are trying to create a super sexually fucked up batch of women to compete with the Catholic education / Baptist pastor’s daughter that have been highly reviewed by some of my friends.

Nearly everything I found objectionable in the “atheist” movement has a store

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I used to shop here, used to. Sadly I can’t take em seriously anymore. The same bullshit I saw with local atheist groups, e.g Bush’s god =bad, Kerry’s , Gore, Edwards and now Obama’s is fine. Suggests that there’s a lack of ethical rigor from a store that seems to be in favour of principle over profit. That Obama has a peace symbol sticker for the O in the name is hilarity itself that an overt theist is a poster child for the reality based community is desperatly sad. Crazy.. is crazy.

Don’t Make Me Come Down There sticker

Don’t Make Me Come Down There sticker. Just a subtle warning from the
Almighty, to his so-called followers, lest they continue spreading
hatred and division in His name!

New Products for Freethinker science lovers darwinfish holders civil right workers and many others

Wanted: Review. Not everyone’s a Wall-e this is more Rat- a-kablooey

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Ah yes I remember this game, Mikrogen’s “everyone’s a wally” but not everyone this weekend was a Wall*e as Wanted took down some serious money too.

Interview with director on ,Daywatch, his prior movie {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Wanted “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

No it’s not that difficult to fathom. People believe strange shit that they kill for here too.

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And in the question of the day.

How does one tell that which invisible apart? I’m confused. The obvious answer is ignorant stupid people but hey the shaman has a prettier way of saying it.

“These are vendettas. It is not that people really bewitched somebody,”
he says, adding he believes that witch hunts are really about people
expressing hatred and coming up with an excuse to hurt someone.

What this illustrates? That Sam Harris is mainly right in his book,”The end of faith”. Religion is a framework within which the true nutballs are given license by their society to believe/ behave in manner that wouldn’t arise without an invisible friend to redirect your actions against. Without the casual believers it’s hard to imagine the fanatics would have the moral framework in which to operate and seen for the criminals they really are.While many found that Harris’ conclusion re a form of personal spirituality / mysticism to be a replacement for organized religion was not bleak enough 😉 ( yeah some atheists demand rigidly defined areas of rational thought ) yet this one case points to a better way forward. What’s better billion believing in 1 “gawd” or a billion gods believing that they are Elvis?

Deadly hunt for ‘witches’ haunts Kenya villagers –

– It may be difficult for Western cultures to fathom, but in Western Kenya, beliefs in ghosts and witches are very real. And sometimes they have deadly consequences.

Barring a miracle the LP has just thrown out the maternity ward with the bath water.

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Life really is too short for politics and that’s when you are on the winning side. What any LP member with a conscience is feeling now is not for me to guess. Bob Barr being the Libertarian candidate for president is as plausible as Ben Stein heading up Nature magazine’s editorial committee.

I dropped my involvement with the national party a couple of years back which is a shame as I’d like to double remove x 23 any association with the kind of people that think that Barr = liberty. He may say that he doesn’t want the boots of the Fed on your face but he’s not so forthcoming over about the fifty pairs on a state level that can regulate with the same disregard for the people they’ve claimed lay under their control.

Classically Liberal

Has quite a few posts on this odious man from Georgia.

How many screensaver posts have you seen lately? Look I have to have something to watch while using the phone:)

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Blame the recent enthusiasm for Jonathon Coulton and our attendance at the Phoenix concert this part Thursday for this post. One of the songs played Mandelbrot set which got me thinking about Fractals and the screensaver I used to enjoy more than the bills I received for staying online. This time I found something way cooler with links to one of my top ten favorite movies based on a short story by an author I like. Please enjoy the electric sheep screen-saver

Out of interest the only pop science book that I have lost is called ” Chaos” by James Gleick

God awful reasoning . The real tyranny is democracy but let’s just pretend otherwise

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Tyranny of the atheist minority

Imagine that – only 1.6 percent atheists, yet their beliefs are becoming the law of the land. A minority forcing its will on the majority – isn’t this the classic definition of tyranny?

Well apart from obvious that all the believers aren’t believing in the same god it makes for oh say interesting discussion to claim that since under 1% of people are of the Hindu faith , the other 99% are not, in fact they could be atheists in relation to the Hindu pantheon. So any faith that doesn’t have numerical supremacy loses .You just have to love large democracies.

I despair at this “we’re under attack” mentality. USA has the highest adherence amongst the developed world yet. So is he saying that 1.5% of non believers are more capable of getting shit down and modifying society to their will than the faithful? Maybe less time spent listening to how flawed and evil we are allows for some practical improvements to be made?

I’m tired of the atavistic call to all the founders, or most of them or just the ones we really like in the US pantheon are god happy ergo country = god happy and a Christian nation. They were also male so can I apply the same principle here to who gets to say what happens?

He also uses a loose definition of tyranny which can be, in this last century at least, the masses going along with the plan. Lastly I could give a flying spaghetti monster about your inner mental life till it affects mine. I can’t get my head around how we’d know if your praying without such a public display being required so this stopping you thinking is not something you can lay at the feet of the non theist.

You stopped thinking by yourself when you adopted a millienia old creed that is as relevant to life in the 21st C as Paris Hilton is to string theory.

German media / people prove Americans don’t monopolize the stupid headline

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A polar bear eats fish and people are surprised?   Dummkopfs!

Now if the polar bear   braided the hair of a little girl,Changed from Coke to Pepsi or  migrated to the woods and then used a porta potty that may be news.  Otherwise I think there’s a few more items that should be placed in that enclosure for the bear to play with:D

The Frankfurter Allgemeine news website reports that Knut “senselessly murdered the carp”, fishing them out, playing with them and then leaving the remains.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Shock at polar bear’s carp kill

Proving my point : There’s a blog, forum and podcast for everyone. one of Man’s oldest diseases makes it to the information age.

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One of the ways I “sell” podcasts and blogs to people is by telling them that no matter how esoteric their interests are that there is likely to be a blog , forum and podcast about it. Yep even the people with embarrassing conditions have groups. ( no they are not the same as churches but a good guess my cynical reader;) )

Seriously my reivers diet of flesh , blood and offal when combined with inactivity has not only caught up with me it’s taken an early lead. That is going to stop. Oh that an my ancestors. Bastards that’s why we never invite you around to dinner ( Oops riffing off DNA there)

Dark Ages..

Dr’s , medical journal and chance running into people with the same condition. Unlikely. The most you get is a pamphlet of organizations that survive by your condition surviving:D So you get 2-3 xeroxed copies


If I relied on the hand outs , about gout, without a doubt I’d be a more depressed otter. As it is, and as it seems to be with most conditions, the cause and effect has been established by the women in white coats, a reduction of Xtra beef causes less whY does this hurt? Sadly it’s mostly the widest bromides with information that is taken from the most extreme cases and then generalized into rules for everyone. E.g Low sodium. for those that need it great, sadly that means “everyone” since the medical people don’t want to send wrong messages. e.g hey ethnic group a : you are more at risk from this but to make you feel better we’ll tell everyone to do the same. Same with gout.

Now I have to work out what’s true for me.

Gout Pal Interactive – Discuss Gout Symptoms and Treatments With Friendly Gout Sufferers

Expelled the movie. The funniest hypocrites on the block.

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I’m not going to spoil this one. Suffice to say that reality beats fiction any day. Sadly Adams is no longer around to make this stuff up but the residents of the B ark are quite happy to fill in.

You never know in some far out universe , on some very lucky day you may win against the forces of idiocy.

Pharyngula: EXPELLED!

I’m still laughing though. You don’t know how hilarious this is. Not only is it the extreme hypocrisy of being expelled from their Expelled movie, but there’s another layer of amusement. Deep, belly laugh funny. Yeah, I’d be rolling around on the floor right now, if I weren’t so dang dignified.

AZ Democrats are so concerned about my money that they’ll waste mine to tell me about it.

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It’s a shame that the do not call list isn’t applicable at a state level.  It’s a shame that politicians and those acting on behalf of this  group of looters in suits are exempt anyway. 

To reiterate  I am not a democrat, a republican nor libertarian  any more so this isn’t partisan.

Today the AZ Democrats decided that their propaganda  outweighs my financial interest in not hearing from them. In short they behave like they know what’s best for you and you can  damn well pay for it.   Which is kinda neat given the subject matter.

I pay for my voip system per minute , ergo sending me a message  that I have to pay to retrieve is incurring a loss. Yes it’s a small loss but in the context of these economically illiterate assholes ( that would be the democrats)   telling me how much they care about the  little guy  is the last straw. ( you know the camel? he says hi how’s the wife and kids?)   Oh god yes won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?

They decided to call our phone to let us know that Mr Shaddeg is a mean wittle man and that I need to  lock up my kid’s candy jar asap.

“Not only has John Shadegg voted again and again to deny health care to
needy children, now he’s opposed to giving families a tax rebate to
jump start the economy,” Bittner said. “He’s completely blind to the
needs of Arizonans, and this country.”

OMG there’s 35 republicans with brains  ? Damn that’s shocking.   Frankly it doesn’t matter we’re scroomed ( screwed and doomed) either way.   Keep it up folks   Gold at 1000 soon:D

Arizona Democratic Party

Oh damn it looks like I have gone and made a friend:) Socialist calls me out as a white priviliged stoner!

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It’s been a while since a comment  of mine made somebody’s  day.  Hell it made such an impression that  I got my very on post: Seemingly the best way to deal with individuals is to lump them into one group you can dismiss as  “them”   My “themness” is based on my colour , income and advocacy for individual rights in the form of allowing people to  control what they put into their body. Oddly many of the same people that hate the latter idea are way too happy when it’s regulating things that come out of a body. I digress.  Where I think he’s wrong is that it’s statism that’s the enemy regardless on how you get their  by vote or by violence.  ( Really the first is a thin proxy for the latter)  It’s the collective, the large group the kind of people that have  left thoughts from thoughts that should have been left back in the 20th C. The Century that more people died at the hands of the state, any state  than  any time prior. 

Good Times and Bad Times in Lost America

Here’s an interesting interchange between a commenter and myself coming from the post where I pointed out that Robert Anton Wilson very clearly denounced democracy as having caused more casualties than Nazism and Stalinism combined.

love it or leave it? You guys are not making this easy. To think one can go to jail for stealing $1200 but stealing billions is lauded

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Ok on the face of it I am totally fucking spitting at this. 

I earn more than 75k, have my  tax bill  in front of me for the year.  Seemingly rebates are not for me, I’m not middle class , I’m rich..   Er bull fucking shit.   My real income is  well  under 75k by the time It’s taxed  Federally, locally, state, on my phone, my gas my .well you know the list.  The only nice thing is that I hope these policies fail so  miserably that my counter measures to the $ going foom are increased  many fold . 

Taxpayers would get checks under economic stimulus plan –

Those who earn up to $75,000 individually or up to $150,000 as a couple will be eligible for the payments, said Republican and Democratic sources familiar with the tentative deal.

in a jiffy. Jiffy Lube screw up an oil change

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There’s more to come on this since Jiffy Lube are basically contending they are not culpable. A lot more but I’m sick of paying tradesmen and services money for substandard and in this case negligent work that has incurred me other charges. 1″ over fill on the oil, thanks.

Even more fun is the People at Midas that get their very own special level of hell for attempted fraud. Oh wait they actually carried out fraud too by charging for an oil-filter that was under 1 day old, claiming the wipers are cracked ( nice try new 3 weeks ago) and a few other things I’ll get to. For now It’s time to suggest that you don’t get an oil change from the Jiffy Lube at 27th 2745 W Peoria Ave Phoenix.

just junk on freedom and the like. It’s like a bar rant with myself.

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 This is an argument I usually lose and most because the other side wishes to resort to violence.  I wish I had the insight to tie my experience with how the Scots act based on their institutions and beliefs  versus what I understand the American ones to be since  I don’t fit into either of them. 

 Sure there are quite a few touching points but  I’m arguably able to cope in both societies and have been fortunate enough to  secure work  , mostly interesting work, since I was  16, remain solvent and have evaded the law for any but the minor transgressions, that are impossible to avoid.

Yet I hold views contrary to the masses of both countries re their national myths of identity and character and where that intersects with reality. Does beating up the English and burning their holiday homes doesn’t make you more Scottish , or does it but in an entirely different light? Same way with the Americans who appear to be fixated by freedom won by the restriction of others and does that make you more American?  Seemingly yes. 

Which reminds me there’s a  radio show in Phoenix called “Ridin Dirty” on KFNX which today advocated ignition interlocks for all cars as a solution to  DUI,  not as a joke  but as a default behavior of all new cars.  It’s an interesting idea but  socializing the cost of this crime makes as much sense as a tax on kitchen knives to pay for domestic violence … then again how many taxes really make sense?
Why not have cars locked to speed by their location as reported by a mandatory onstar gps?  Disable cars  when their insurance runs out,  when the reg tag expires or hell  only allow you to drive between home and the DMV when your papers aren’t in order.  All are readily done with today’s tech.. do we want to?     How about health plans that give you a credit card hooked up to your real time vitals?  Sorry today the card doesn’t work at BK but..  you can  get a Sub, no cheese 6″ max.  Sweet tooth replaced by  a blue one. There’s no end to this “freedom” 

The freedom to laugh is about the best I can do.

Anytime you tell me the people are too stupid to manage their own affairs I have to sadly agree with you.   My solution is to leave them alone. Yours is to rely on those same people to tell us what to do. 

 And I’m the crazy one?